Hello, I'm
Kolapo Damola.

I am a Frontend Engineer with a passion for designing clean, accessible and intuitive web applications, and I have an eye for design with a user-driven approach to development

inspired by Collins Enebeli

Covid 19 App

React + Typescript

A website that displays Global Covid-19 data.

Hangout Dao

React + Typescript, Locomotive Scroll, Framer-motion, SASS

A simple animated web page for an NFT project.


Nextjs, CSS

A portfolio website showcasing my works and resume.

Covid19 tracker

Vue, TailwindCss

A webapp that tracks confirmed Covid19 cases and deaths

Movie App


Built a Movie App that collects Movie ratings, Images, and descriptions from an API

Shopping cart API

Node, Express, MongoDB

A simple shopping cart Api built with Node, Express, and MongoDb

PWA Weather App

React, Axios

A Progressive web App that displays weather condition in Countries(Capital) all around the world


React, SaSS

A Virtual reality website

Kiddies Landing Page

React, Styled-components

A landing page for kiddies learning built with React and Styled components

Snippet Landing Page

React, SASS

A Snippet landing page using React and SASS

Animated Landing page

HTML, SASS, Gsap, JavaScript

Love Yours, Jcole inspired Landing page

Stack Landing page

React, CSS

3d stack effect Landing page built with React and CSS